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About Pointer

Pointer Alarms Ltd started in 1972 as a security company in the West of Scotland. Mr Bob Rowan (now company chairman) grew the company by installing traditional security alarms in a variety of business premises.

The company was named after ‘Smokey’ the family dog who was, of course, a Pointer! Smokey not only provided the name but also the logo which originally identified the company’s alarm boxes back in the day and has been retained throughout the years. Sadly ‘Smokey’ is long gone but his photograph takes pride of place in the Glasgow headquarters.

The Rowan family still own the company with Sandy Rowan as CEO. Pointer Ltd may have grown into an international company but our humble beginnings and traditions are important to us.

Pointer Fire

In 2003, senior management of Pointer Ltd identified that clients would be better served by working with dedicated strategic teams who specialised in their needs. These teams would deliver products and knowledge targeted at specific clients and industries.

Pointer Fire became dedicated fire systems specialists with specific expertise in fire protection.

In January 2004, Pointer Fire was launched with branches in Glasgow and Leeds – operating entirely from their own premises with a further branch opening in Birmingham later the same year.

Today sees offices in Glasgow, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester and Durham serving hundreds of clients.

True Expertise

Pointer Fire exists because of the technical expertise contained within its people and their experience of the fire industry.Their ability to solve problems is second to none, and their dedication to client satisfaction is paramount.

Pointer Fire have the highest degree of understanding of the fire industry. This is true capability – from design to project delivery in any environment. There are many companies who see fire protection as one of their capabilities. Pointer Fire make fire protection their complete business, start to finish.

From steelworks to prisons. From universities to shopping centers. From chemical plants to schools. We work for both the end user and contractor – delivering true expertise, every time.